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Cabinet for evoked potentials and experimental clinical neurophysiology

Laboratory for experimental clinical neurophysiology operating within the CCS Neurology clinic deals with studying of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, spinocerebellar ataxias, dystonias, hereditary motor neuron diseases or vascular brain diseases with white matter lesions and chronic ischemias in occlusive diseases of small blood vessels.

The above neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by both motor and non-motor manifestations, cognitive disorders, attention and sleep disorders and the investigations are associated with movement, movement disorders, motor control mechanisms and proprioception and gait characteristics and disturbed gait and balance patterns.

The particular focus is paced on mutual influences of individual clinical characteristics, classification of clinical electrophysiological manifestations, i.e., changes in such patients with comparative monitoring of clinical scales and indicators. Additionally, the particular attention is also paid to electrophysiological characteristics of CNS activity, cortical and peripheral mechanisms in such disorders as well as to possibility of development of verifiable diagnostic tests and defining of additional diagnostic criteria to be applied in early phase of the above disorders in order to enable recovery of the impaired functions, defining of the further therapeutical course and prevention of complications of the underlying disease.

The Laboratory employs the most up-to-date research equipment for testing of tremor, gait and balance and measurement of movements, stimulation and observation of CNS response using transcranial magnetic stimulation.

In addition to associates from the Neurology clinic, dr Nataša Dragašević Mišković, Ass. dr Igor Petrović, Ass. dr Aleksandra Kačar, the Laboratory also employs experts from the Laboratory for neurophysiology operating within the Institute of Medical Research, dr Saša Radovanović, dr Saša Filipović, dr Nikola Kresojević, as well as those coming from other research organizations. The research activities are carried out within several projects as a part of the Ministry of Science Basic Research program, as well as within a number of international projects. The Laboratory is also engaged in research within postgraduate courses for junior associates.


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A list of scientific papers published by the employees of the Neurology clinic since 1981. Complete list can be found here.