Electroencephalography room

Electroencephalography (EEG) is method of measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain cortex as recorded from electrodes placed on the scalp in particular arrangement. The method is painless and it is performed in silent room with standard duration of recording of 20 minutes. During the recording procedures, certain activation techniques, such as hyperventilation (rapid and deep breathing) and/or photostimulation (exposure to flashing lights). EEG examination does not necessitate special preparation. The only requirements are clean head and scalp and full stomach. In particular circumstances and only based on the request of the attending neurologist, EEG recording may be performed after sleep deprivation. In such cases, the patient undergoing EEG recording which lasts more than usually (90 minutes) is expected to fall asleep in order to record brain cortex activity during falling asleep, sleep and awakening.

Electroencephalography (EEG) room operates within the Neurology clinic Department of Epilepsy and it is equipped with apparatuses for standard length recordings (for outpatients) as well as for short-term and long-term video EEG monitoring (state-of-the-art apparatuses unique at the level of  health care system in Serbia). EEG unit is also equipped with ambulatory EEG apparatus intended for diagnostic procedures in patients hospitalized at the Department of Epilepsy.

Head of Electroencephalography  (EEG) Unit is Prof. Dragoslav Sokić and the Unit also employs Dr. Slavko Janković, Doc Dr Nikola Vojvodić and Ass Dr. Aleksandar Ristić, as well as  EEG technicians Slađana Kojić, Vera Zečević, Zorica Ružević, Vladimir Miličević and Marko Jovanović.

Outpatients necessitating EEG examination need to have appropriate doctor’s orders  (which should be duly certified by the attending Commission  for patients coming from out of Belgrade). The appointments may be made in person or by phone at 011-306-42-46, where the patients may also ask for all additional details related to preparation of the patients to be examined by the method.


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