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Specialistic ambulant for diagnostics and treating of headaches

The Center is intended for individuals suffering from frequent headaches, particularly those in whom the success of previous treatment was not complete. It has been established in 2000 and more than a thousand outpatient examinations are performed in it each year.

More than a hundred patients from the Center for Headaches are treated each year in Day Hospital or at other departments of the Institute performing detoxication of patients suffering from chronic headaches caused by excessive application of analgesics.

Headache is the most common complaint for which the patients seek medical attention.  Experience of the specialized Center enabled to a large number of patients to resolve successfully their problems related to headaches.

The Center also carries out educational courses for physicians for work with patients suffering from headaches within both graduate or specialized courses and it has been a host of numerous renown experts in the field. Physicians working within the Center participate regularly at the international meetings presenting results of their work.

Outpatient examinations are performed by neurologists specially trained for work with patients suffering from headaches:

  • Doc dr Jasna Zidverc-Trajković, Head of the Center
  • Dr. Aleksandra Radojičić

The following documents are required for the initial examination:

  • Report and doctor’s order
  • Laboratory blood analyses
  • Ophthalmological examination report
  • Reports on previous examinations

Appointments for the initial examination (from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m.):

  • At the admission desk of the Neurology clinic
  • * By telephone at 3614122, ext.42-35.

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Scientific papers

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