Department II: Resaerch activities

In addition to conventional clinical research, Department of Cerebrovascular Diseases and Headaches is also engaged in intensive scientific research activities.

As for the field of cerebrovascular diseases the greatest attention is paid to investigation into the risk factors for cerebral atherosclerosis with particular focusing of rare causes of stroke in young individuals. Intensive investigations are performed in the field of insulin resistance effects on onset of cerebral atherosclerosis. Carotid disease (both asymptomatic and symptomatic), small brain blood vessel disease and pathology of the cerebral white matter and their influence on onset of cognitive deterioration are also of the particular interest. The cooperation has been established in this field with Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Stroke Unit in Israel, dealing with research in the field of the erythrocyte aggregability changes in cerebrovascular diseases.

The Center for Headaches performs intensive investigations into the risk factors for onset of chronic headaches and drug abuse, as well as into rare headaches, while in cooperation with the colleagues form the Clinic for Oral Diseases within the School of Dentistry, a large randomized study is carried out on patients with burning mouth syndrome. The cooperation of the Center for Headaches with the University Clinic in Glostrup, Denmark, has also been established, aimed at creating the new forms of headache diaries and examination of the premenstrual headaches. Successful cooperation has also been established with the Center for Headaches, Clinic of Neurology in Szeged, Hungary, with the particular focus placed on the role of CGRP, excitatory amino acids and other biological markers in primary headaches.

The Ultrasound Neurovascular Laboratory performs the studies aimed at investigating risk factors for onset of carotid atherosclerosis and cerebral hemodynamic changes. The particular attention is also paid to influence of cerebral microembolization on onset of symptoms of cerebral ischemia, as well as migraine with aura. The laboratory also performs pre- and postoperative evaluation of the patients with carotid stenosis, with particular attention paid to examination of cerebral vasomotor reactivity changes on the cerebral venous system.

Dynamic scientific research activity is also carried out in the field of transcranial parenchymal ultrasonography as the unique unit for examination of the patients with different neurodegenerative diseases at the national level.


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A list of scientific papers published by the employees of the Neurology clinic since 1981. Complete list can be found here.