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General informations

Upon arrival at the Belgrade Neurology Clinic, a resident is required to contact the secretary of the Institute (the office is located on the first floor) who will then refer him/her to the chief resident (or his deputy should the former be absent).

The chief resident is obligated to notify the new resident of the rules governing the functioning of our institution and appoint him/her to one of the departments at the Clinic thus initiating his/her residency rotations with the institution. At the same time the resident is asked to report to the appropriate administrative unit of the Belgrade School of Medicine in order to obtain the appropriate referral to the Clinic. Next, the chief resident, following a certain order, assigns the resident to each department of the Clinic in turn, in which clinical rotations are conducted according to the residency schedule. The entire process is extensively documented.

The Neurology Clinic comprises of the following departments included in the clinical rotations schedule:
Cerebrovascular diseases and headaches department
Head of department prof dr Nadežda Čovičković Šternić




Neuromuscular diseases and spinal diseases department
Head of department prof dr Dragana Lavrnić





Movement disorders department
Head of department Academician prof dr Vladimir Kostić







Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases department
Head of departmnet prof dr Jelena Drulović



Epilepsy department
Head of department prof dr Dragoslav Sokić

Emergency neurology department
Head of department prof dr Ljiljana Beslać Bumbaširević





A certain period of time, specified in the residency schedule, residents will spend at the Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth (Dr Subotica 6a).


At the Neurology Clinic a specialized computerized system is being used for managing medical histories of patients in hospital, in daily-hospital and outpatient examinations (InfoMedis). Every resident is trained to use this system activly during his/her residency.

Working hours for residents at the Neurology Clinic are from 8 AM til 3 PM. As part of their education and training, all residents participate in every type of nightshifts at the Clinic for Neurology, always under supervision of specialist.

During residency, the resident has the right to be absant from work and nightshifts in every situation predicted by law.

During their stay at the Neurology Clinic, the residents, under the supervison of specialists,  become active participants in work with patients in the ward and patinets in daily-hospital.

While at the Clinic, residents have the opportunity to participate in different educational activities organized at the Clinic. They may attend a number of lectures organized as a part of continuing medical education or being held by guest lecturers and also take part in congresses and symposia in the country and abroad. Also, they are actively involved in preparing Thursday Clinic's seminars, Clinic's  Consilium and Journal Club. Of course, it is possible for the resident to be involved in scientific work and find a mentor at the Clinic for his/her own thesis.

In order to increase the efficiency of residents stay at the Neurology Clinic, a Guide has been created, which contains duties and rights of the residents. Here you can download PDF version of 2011th Residents Guide (in Serbian language).

If you have any questions or uncertainties which are related to your residency you should contact the chief of residents who will, with the help of services that address these issues at our Clinic, try to give you the appropriate answers.


Webinars over Internet

Predvideli smo da se svakog trećeg četvrtka u mesecu, sa početkom u 12 časova, stručnoj i naučnoj neurološkoj javnosti Srbije obrate naši eminentni stručnjaci i predavači sa temama koje su aktuelne i koje zaokupljaju neurološku profesionalnu i istraživačku znatiželju kod nas i u svetu.
Webinari će se održavati u formi kratkih predavanja (20 minuta sa dodatnih 5 minuta za pitanja) u kojoj će auditorijum sačinjavati lekari na specijalizaciji na našoj klinici. Details on this link.

Scientific papers

A list of scientific papers published by the employees of the Neurology clinic since 1981. Complete list can be found here.